Thursday, January 27, 2022

Family Motivates Classic Transportation



C7-CBN-10-17-14-2Jennifer and Ron Doino were looking for a warmer climate and a good place to raise their two children, Noah and Amanda. The husband-and-wife team found that and a thriving business when they took over Classic Transportation in 2004.

“Classic Transportation has been around for 20-plus years,” says Jennifer. “We wanted to take the business and give it a fresh start.” Immediately, they revamped Classic Transportation’s six original vehicles and enforced new guidelines for their drivers.

To be sure, the Doino’s were no strangers to being self-employed business owners, and they understood what it would take to push the business to the next level. As always, they leaned on each other for support. “My husband and I have worked together for ‘it seems like forever’. We have always beens each other’s inspiration and have always motivated one another,” she explains.

Jennifer’s experience and tremendous self-confidence also have guided her as a business owner. “I am actually pretty strong,” she says.



“I have learned to not let anything keep you down. You look ahead with confidence in everything you do.”

With the support of her husband, her own inner-strength, a lot of positive thinking and hard work, Jennifer has been able to overcome the everyday obstacles of owning a business. She even admits to learning a thing or two from the experience: “I learned to work well with others…You learn how to think fast, make changes and know what customers want and need.”

These lessons carry over to the Doino household, as the couple strives to maintain a balance between business and family while also teaching their children the importance of making their life their own way. “Our kids completely understand that we work really hard and season can be very busy. They understand what it means to put everything you have into making something work,” Jennifer says.

These lessons were echoed recently during an encounter Jennifer’s 11-year-old daughter had with Penny Chenery, owner of the famous race hourse Secretariat. The Doino’s



love to go horse-back riding as a family, and daughter Amanda was invited to personally meet Penny. “She told my daughter to always follow her heart and don’t ever let a man’s world of business discourage you. A woman can do anything!” recounts Jennifer. “I will never forget her words, and she was not just an inspiration to my daughter but a true inspiration to myself as well.”

C7-CBN-10-17-14-4Looking to the future, Jennifer and Ron are putting all of the elements together to continue to grow their business. “Classic Transportation will continue to grow for many years to come,” she says. “We are always adding new product, and we continue to be the preferred transportation company. We truly enjoy bringing people down to ‘paradise’ and strive to serve everyone with a great experience.”

Jennifer’s advice for women interested in starting their own business: “Any woman can be in business. You let your passion guide you. Motivation, honesty and integrity will carry you far.”


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