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The Florida High School Athletic Association’s (FHSAA) 2010-11 Fall Academic Champion Award rankings have been released. A new category has been added to the awards program this year – an Overall Academic Team Champion. This designation reflects a Florida private or public school’s cumulative team grade point average (GPA) across all sports for the respective season. Congratulations to Barron Collier High School (BCH) as they claimed the overall top spot in Class 4A. In addition to BCH winning the overall title, the schools girls golf team also placed first in Class 2A with a team GPA of 3.683. Congratulations are also in order for the Naples High School (NHS) girls swimming and diving team. The Golden Eagle squad was the number one team in Class 2A, having recorded a GPA of 3.654.

Furthermore, Barron Collier, Gulf Coast, Lely, Naples, and Palmetto Ridge high schools received recognition in the following sports:

  • 3rd place, Barron Collier girls cross-country – 3.736 GPA (Class 3A)
  • 3rd place, Lely girls cross-country – 3.734 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 3rd place, Palmetto Ridge boys cross-country – 3.630 GPA (Class 3A)
  • 3rd place, Barron Collier girls swimming and diving – 3.583 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 3rd place, Gulf Coast boys swimming and diving – 3.536 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 3rd place, Palmetto Ridge football – 3.085 GPA (Class 4A)
  • 3rd place, Barron Collier football – 3.056 GPA (Class 3A)
  • 4th place, Barron Collier boys golf – 3.601 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 4th place, Barron Collier boys swimming and diving – 3.515 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 4th place, Gulf Coast volleyball – 3.495 GPA (Class 5A)
  • 4th place, Gulf Coast football – 3.041 GPA (Class 4A)
  • 5th place, Lely volleyball – 3.570 GPA (Class 4A)
  • 5th place, Lely football – 3.037 GPA (Class 3A)
  • 6th place, Barron Collier volleyball – 3.561 GPA (Class 4A)
  • 6th place, Palmetto Ridge girls golf – 3.543 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 7th place, Naples volleyball – 3.511 GPA (Class 4A)
  • 8th place, Naples girls cross-country – 3.632 GPA (Class 3A)
  • 8th place, Naples boys swimming and diving – 3.249 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 9th place, Lely boys swimming and diving – 3.147 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 10th place, Barron Collier boys cross-country – 3.424 GPA (Class 3A)
  • 11th place, Palmetto Ridge girls cross-country – 3.551 GPA (Class 3A)
  • 11th place, Gulf Coast girls swimming and diving – 3.410 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 11th place, Naples boys golf – 3.344 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 12th place, Gulf Coast girls cross-country – 3.501 GPA (Class 3A)
  • 12th place, Naples girls golf – 3.445 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 12th place, Lely girls swimming and diving – 3.379 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 12th place, Gulf Coast boys golf – 3.330 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 13th place, Palmetto Ridge girls swimming and diving – 3.373 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 13th place, Gulf Coast boys cross-country – 3.334 GPA (Class 3A)
  • 14th place, Palmetto Ridge volleyball – 3.386 GPA (Class 4A)
  • 15th place, Naples boys cross-country – 3.281 GPA (Class 3A)
  • 16th place, Lely girls golf – 3.425 GPA (Class 1A)
  • 18th place, Gulf Coast girls golf – 3.373 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 21st place, Lely boys cross-country – 3.136 GPA (Class 2A)
  • 22nd place, Lely boys golf – 3.333 GPA (Class 1A)
  • 24th place, Palmetto Ridge boys golf – 3.012 GPA (Class 2A)

The FHSAA Academic Team Champion recognition program honors teamwork not only in competition, but in the classroom as well. The program recognizes teams in each of the Association’s 20 sanctioned sports and 11 recognized sports, naming an Academic Team Champion in each classification. The Academic Team Champion recognition program is strictly voluntary.

To learn more, please contact the schools directly.

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