Friday, December 3, 2021

Experience Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing




a35-cbn-10-14-16-3Internationally known holistic healing practitioner, Mark “Dr. DREAM” Peebler brings his Tibetan Healing Bowl Experience to Marco Island on October 17. Attendees will feel energized and inspired, as the bowls unlock stuck energies and connect the mind, body and spirit.

The event, one of many being held nationwide, supports villages in Nepal devastated by earthquakes. The earthquakes destroyed all 100 homes in the village of Gilung, which makes Tibetan bowls for healers worldwide.

Dr. DREAM and his team had used the bowls in their healing practice, and raised money and sent tents for shelter. A village representative entrusted Dr. DREAM with a large number of bowls he could



not afford to buy up front. He began selling them to raise funds for the community and designed an event to support the village, while healing others.

“We have designed a rare experience with 333 Tibetan Healing Bowls that nobody in the U.S. has ever done before,” said Dr. DREAM. “Together with each local community, we become catalysts of positive change, touching as many people’s lives as possible with these loving energies and giving back to Nepal.”

On Monday, October 17, from 7-9 PM, come to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 1101 N. Collier Blvd., Marco Island for “A Sound Healing Chakra Experience.” The event is $25 in advance or $33 at the door. For reservations and information visit

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