Saturday, October 23, 2021

Experience the Power of Colors at the Center for the Arts

On June 10th, the Second Tuesday event at the Marco Island Center for the Arts was all about Colors – brilliant vivid colors in landscapes, still life, portraits, abstract, clay, watercolors, fiber, photography, glass, and paper. 

Color is a very powerful force in our lives.  According to science, the color red makes your heart beat faster.  It’s the color of love and excitement.  Blue lowers your heart rate – you feel calm and relaxed.  Green is representative of envy, and yellow is for warmth and energy.

Visit the multicolor exhibits at Where Will Color Take You currently at the Center for the Arts until June 25th.  Color is the theme of the current exhibition.

According to Jack O’Brien, Curator, Naples Art Association, he “awarded those artists whose efforts created balance and harmony while also harnessing the ability of color to excite, stimulate, and indulge us.”


1st Place:   Ginny Mueller  “Our Fragile Ocean”
2nd Place:    Robbie Eder  “Tamiami”
3rd Place:    John Hutson  “Wood Duck in Color”
Honorable Mention:   Tara O’Neill  “Bowl of Apples”
Honorable Mention:   Jean Ann Mau  “Cascade # 1”


Artist, Carolyn Burger with Where the
Flowers Bloom



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