Thursday, October 28, 2021

Everything You’d Expect from Concierge Insurance Partners

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After providing risk management consultation and expertise for the past 30 years why did Dennis Slabaugh “The Risk Man” decide to start an insurance agency? Simply because it was the right time to take action on behalf of individuals and business owners.  

According to Mr. Slabaugh, “I realized that there was a risky information gap between insurance providers and the insured with respect to the delivery of the most appropriate coverage that has become much too common. Exclusions, limitations, lack of coverage explanations or a clear understanding of the coverage sold, has led to the ever too common claim denial or lack of proper coverageWe are determined to change that picture and outcome, one customer, at a time.”  

At Concierge Insurance Partners, we believe that your personal or business insurance deserves more attention than a phone call to a stranger on a toll-free phone number or an online questionnaire that only accepts information down a one-way street. So much so that our forensic personal review of your business model, needs, and coverage desires defies the usual insurance purchasing experience. While many agencies and agents have been in our business for 40 years as we have been, are they willing to invest that expertise and time into your insurance purchase experience? Maybe, or maybe not. After all, time is money and too much of their time spent understanding your insurance needs and explaining your coverage costs money. Worse than that, it could cost you a covered claim.  

Insurance has never been so complicated and sophisticated at the same time. Coverage options for your home that you never even thought of and exclusions and limitations that some lawyers don’t even understand. According to Senior Risk Advisor and Partner Dennis Slabaugh, “I have managed thousands of claims and evaluated hundreds of risks over the past 30 years as a Risk Manager, and I can tell you there are unique circumstances in every encounter I have had. We have saved businesses from the devastation of Hurricane Irma when they had the wrong coverage prior to the storm, and we fought tooth and nail to get their claim paid fairly so they could remain in business.”  

Special risks demand special expertise. Managing partner Maribel Slabaugh commented, “My years of non-profit administration taught me to clearly understand the unique needs of these special organizations where precious funds allocated for insurance premiums are conserved for only the best and most appropriate insurance coverage and best advice.”  

Nonprofits are a very “out-of-the-ordinary” kind of business; they are evolving, growing and the fact that their financial resources do not necessarily come from “sales” or products, they are relying on events, services, grants from private and public entities which require very specific standards directly related to insurance coverage. Understanding their mission, services, volunteer engagement and the entire structure of the organization are key elements to determining their comprehensive insurance and risk management needs 

What about insuring your lifestyle? Personal insurance products warrant that we deliver the same handson forensic review as business insurance. Managing partner Maribel Slabaugh comments “I confess, we still make house calls. A face-to-face meeting or just taking the time to listen and learning what is important to a family and protecting all that they have worked so hard for is the most effective way for us to assist our clientsThat is the essence of Concierge service.” 

Time and information are your best friends when it comes to reviewing your insurance program, so don’t wait until the last minute. Allow us to share our passion for helping our clients and saving them money. Call now and we can start a conversation about what truly is important to you and your business and your lifestyle. 

There are no surprises with Concierge Insurance Partners because we are the experts that you not only trust but have counted on for 39 years delivering true insurance peace of mind. 

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