Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Everglades City perfect for riding your bike around town

Patricia Huff

Patricia Huff

Friday, May 21, is Bike-to-Work Day nationwide. Everglades City is only 1.2 square miles around town, 4 miles from Carnestown (Hwy 41) and just 3.5 miles from Chokoloskee. So, for us, it is easy to ride our bicycles to work, the post office, and the grocery store. According to an article in Sierra magazine, bicycles outnumber automobiles almost two to one worldwide with three bikes to every one car being produced. Bikes are used as the primary transportation in many countries overseas. It is only in the United States that a bike is used more as a recreational vehicle rather than for commuting. People drive their cars even if they’re just a mile away, and many people do not realize that shorter trips are more polluting. Engines running cold produce four times the amount of carbon monoxide than cars running hot. A bicyclist needs only to fuel up on carbohydrates!

We often see cyclists riding from Marco Island and Naples to enjoy the Everglades along the way. An ongoing project, the River of Grass Greenway (ROGG), is gaining momentum. It is a proposed multi-use pathway across the Everglades alongside the Tamiami Trail from Naples to Miami, suitable for a range of recreational activities such as bicycling, walking, bird watching, photography and fishing (visit to learn more).

High School graduation will be Friday, June 4, at Everglades City School. This year we have eight students earning their high school degrees with many of the students receiving scholarships. The Awards Banquet and Ceremony honoring our well-deserved youth was held on Thursday evening, May 13.

Ms. Virginia Klotz of Sea Gull Studios is having a sale of everything in her unique gift shop. Virginia has been a part of our community since 1969 and will soon be moving to the east coast. Be sure to stop by for a chat with Virginia and visit her “old Florida” shell shop at 201 S. Copeland Avenue in Everglades City.

Several of our restaurants are taking the summer off: Havana Café in Chokoloskee, Backcountry Café, Camellia Street Grill, Everglades Scoop, and Triad Seafood. However, there are many other choices: City Seafood, Everglades Seafood Depot, Gator Express Subway, Joanie’s Blue Crab Café (in Ochopee), the Oyster House, Right Choice Pizza take-out, Rod & Gun Club, and Susie’s. For more information about what’s happening, visit website:

Our next column will feature ways to enjoy the Everglades and our recreational activities

Patricia Huff has lived in Everglades City for the past 16 years and is the Publisher of the local newspaper The Mullet Rapper.

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