Friday, January 21, 2022

Everglades Artist to Open Studio/Gallery at the Esplanade



The Grand Opening Celebration for Jo-Ann Sanborn, Everglades painter, is scheduled for Thursday, October 25, 5:30-7, at the Esplanade, Marco Island, FL. Admission is free, champagne and chocolates will be served.

Starving Artist? Not a good portrayal says Jo-Ann Sanborn of Sunshine Studios. Artists shouldn’t starve. Sanborn, a painter who initiated an Artist Colony at the Esplanade three years ago, is alone among the local artists who opted to stay at the popular Esplanade location after the expiration of the Colony’s lease.

In the past, artists worked in studios away from the public. Their work was shown in galleries created for the purpose of showing and selling artwork. Today, as traditional galleries struggle and many have failed in the flagging economy, more artists are self-representing, and have developed new and untraditional outlets for their work. Among these are cooperatives, pop-up galleries and internet marketing.

The concept of a studio/gallery for a working artist is unusual in the art world. Sanborn has chosen to combine a working studio with a gallery open to the public to show and sell her works. Art collectors and visitors can view an exhibition of her paintings, and also talk with the artist and watch her at work.

Sanborn paints in and around Marco Island, and the nearby Everglades landscape has become the focus of her work. She believes it is a place of ancient and timeless beauty with fabulous light. She visits the Everglades several times a month to absorb the atmosphere and to start paintings that she will finish in the studio. The Everglades are a World Heritage Site, and she encourages you to visit the Everglades and learn more about the value of this unique and special environment.

You are invited to share in a celebration of the opening of her new studio/gallery at the Esplanade on Marco Island on Thursday, October 25th at 5:30-7.




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