Monday, October 25, 2021

Even Saint Patrick Didn’t Have This Much Fun!

Saint Patrick’s Day has been celebrated on March 17th for decades with the wearin’ o’ the green, drinking green beer and pouring green dye into rivers to name a few traditions, however, Isles of Capri residents really know how to show their Irish spirit. There are costumes, including a prize for the best one, revelry, music, travel, uproarious laughter, Irish jokes, funny t-shirts, comradery, the best golf cart competition, a band, and the great reveal of the new Isles of Capri welcoming sign – all to celebrate and have fun with neighbors and friends.

Friends and neighbors began to fill the three “pubs” for the “Pub Crawl” before the event even started; what enthusiasm! The first stop on the Capri Boulevard Pub Crawl route was the Capri Fish House. Moving the people and golf carts to Pelican Bend was next on the Crawl. Then it was, Island Gypsy here we come! Soon it was time to move to Dolphin Point for music, dancing, announcements and more fun! The Elliott West Band, above the crowd on a trailer camouflaged by green balloons and Irish banners, was a hit!

The party continued past dark thirty, but this little leprechaun headed home for some much-needed rest after all the fun events on Isles of Capri.

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