Wednesday, December 1, 2021


The first fleet of Compressed Natural Gas powered waste and recycling trucks are now on the road in Collier County. Waste Management of Florida, Inc. launched the trucks, which are cleaner, greener and powered by natural gas, in the Collier County market on Thursday, Nov. 12.

The company made a $1.2 million investment to build the county’s first CNG fueling station, in addition to upgrading its fleet. Waste Management will transition all 105 Collier County collection trucks to CNG in the next year.

“Over the years, the Board of County Commissioners and Waste Management have worked collaboratively to provide our residents and businesses with best in class waste and collection services.  This company’s demonstrated commitment to improving our environment and keeping costs low for our residents is truly commendable.  Waste Management’s substantial investment in this environmentally responsible technology will benefit our community and hopefully inspire more businesses to look for more sustainable alternatives,” said Collier County Manager Leo Ochs.

For each diesel truck replaced by a CNG-powered vehicle, Waste Management will reduce its consumption of diesel fuel by 8,000 gallons per year. This cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 22 metric tons.

But before each vehicle could go on the road, Waste Management needed to build a CNG fueling station. The project included the instillation of a series of compressors to prepare the natural gas for 50 times fill posts and fast-fill dispensers. Additional security has been added to the fueling station to protect and monitor the equipment operations from both onsite and a remote location.

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