Sunday, October 24, 2021

Enter now! City name and design contests



Most Marco Islanders probably do not know that there’s an area in the city known (at least temporarily) as the “Midtown District”. That name was selected by the Island’s Planning Board as a designation for a portion of what has been called the “Town Center” for a number of years.  It is important for residents and visitors to properly identify the commercial hub of the city, excluding residential properties along Smokehouse Bay.

The City has focused their attention on the “Town Center” area for good reasons:  almost everyone questioned agrees that the area needs redevelopment; it is consistent with the city’s overall goal to make that area more pedestrian-friendly; and to tie in Veterans Park so that residents and visitors will find it convenient to get to the park.

As part of the overall effort, the City of Marco Island, through the Parks & Recreation Department, is running a contest in which people can submit suggested names for the district. They are urging everyone to use their imaginations to come up with suitable and appealing names for that vital district.

Entry forms may be received from:

  • Parks & Recreation – Midtown District Naming.
  • Mackle Park – 1361 Andalusia Terrace.
  • Marco Island, Florida 34145.
  • Or from the City of Marco Island website:

There are two more contests. One is to redesign the center of the small park located at the southwest corner of North Barfield Drive and North Collier Boulevard. Forms and materials illustrating the area are available, again at Parks & Recreation, under Founders’ Park Design.

The final contest is to name Tracts C & D, located south of Winterberry Drive (actually alongside the Drive) across from Winterberry Park. Along with improvements to Winterberry Drive itself and the appealing new look of Winterberry Park, that stretch on the south side will be another piece of the significant upgrading program. Naming that piece of property will go hand-in-hand with the improvements to the entire area. The news about entering the contest and obtaining materials is very much the same; this time under Parks & Recreation – Tracts C & D Naming.

Deadline is the same for each contest: April 15th! Completed forms can be e-mailed to parkscontest@cityofmar or mailed to the previous address.

These contests not only fit neatly into in the overall scheme of things; but they also have long term implications. They serve to get away from some stale images and focus on new life. Finally, who can resist being the one responsible for naming a city park or other place or submitting a new design and having a name affixed that will be around for at least a hundred or so years?


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