Thursday, January 27, 2022

Endless Excitement



Richard Alan

While traveling in Spain this past summer, I mentioned in my column I came across an unusual line of jewelry. Many of you who have been following my writing may notice I occasionally veer off subject when the subject is supposed to be about things that glitter and especially jewelry. Except for a few trends, I must admit the jewelry scene have been pretty much lackluster full. The past five years or so I have had the pleasure of investing my hard earned money in up and coming jewelry fads or trends only to watch them have the effect of the proverbial lead balloon. Many of these so-called latest and greatest jewelry stock investments failed miserably or just plain fell on their face in less time than a paper towel roll runs out. It hurts me more than you can imagine. Every jeweler I know asks the same question: What does the public want this holiday season?

Diamond halo jewelry — which includes rings, pendants and earrings — has been the most exciting new look for diamonds and precious gemstones for



a couple of years now. The Halo look is extremely popular in my shop here on the island. It makes smaller and even large diamonds look bigger when placed in the center of a halo mounting, and not a day goes by that customers don’t notice them or reset their own diamond in one.

I’m excited by the Endless Jewelry line I discovered in Europe. It is already the rage there, and just recently debuted in Canada this summer. There is no question in my mind it will be a hit in the U.S., and what makes it exciting for me is I have it now in my store. I am one of Southwest Florida’s exclusive vendors of this new and exciting line on Marco Island.

B20-CBN-11-28-14-9So what’s so special about Endless Jewelry? First of all, it’s different! Beautiful lush leather bracelets, all the colors of the rainbow that encircle the wrist once, twice or even three times. Specially-designed, high quality sterling silver or vermeil gold charms can slide on and off with ease



and stay right where you put them. There are hundreds to choose from, and Endless designs new, fun or fancy charms every month. The Jennifer Lopez Collection is a knock out with lush gold or colored, textured leather bracelets with upscale sterling and gold vermeil charms.

Sorry, Pandora bracelets owners. Your charms won’t fit on the Endless bracelet. It’s a different design. I have nothing against Pandora. In fact, Endless Jewelry’s founder Jesper Nielsen helped launch Pandora Jewelry worldwide back in 2003, and within a few years, sales reached more than 1 billion Danish Kroners (more than $166 million). It was sold in five major European countries, and then went viral the U.S.

In 2008, Pandora sold to venture capitalists that focused on profit. Not Jesper’s cup of tea, so to speak; so he and his family left Pandora and moved on to something new and different — Endless Jewelry.

Endless Jewelry is high quality and affordable. Pricing starts at $69 for the promotional double bracelet and one charm. The bracelet looks and feels wonderful with a few or numerous charms, and one can mix colors



by attaching one, two or three bracelets by the simple and sturdy magnetic clasp. The color combinations and mixing different charms make for endless possibilities.

B20-CBN-11-28-14-10I can’t say enough about it. It has already gone beyond sales expectations, and it just got to U.S. shores. I predict it will be the hottest selling holiday gift this season. It will be here on Marco too!

I also see high quality sea life jewelry is in demand again so I continue to carry the lines of Stephen Douglas and Denny Wong jewelry, besides stocking my own custom designs. Diamond earrings are already going out the door.

And guys, your significant other wants diamond studs or a signature diamond pendant, believe it!

Come in and find out how you can get her a knock-out pair without breaking the bank. Three words: clarity enhanced diamonds. Ask me about them!

Happy Holidays to all!


Richard Alan is a designer/goldsmith with more than 40 years of experience and owner of the Harbor Goldsmith of Marco Island. He welcomes your questions about “all that glitters” at 239-394-9275 or at



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