Saturday, January 29, 2022

Emergency Response Update



Collier Emergency Declaration. Governor Crist has added Collier County to the state of emergency that was initially declared on April 30 due to the threat of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Collier is now one of 26 Florida counties under the Governor’s state of emergency declaration.

Today staff participated in a conference call conducted by FDEP regarding pre-event (oil impact) water and sediment (intertidal and sub tidal) sampling.  All 9 coastal counties in the St. Pete Unified Command, 3 coastal cities, plus three FDEP District offices, SFWMD, FWC, and FGCU participated in the discussion. This Pre-Assessment Sampling Plan is to determine the presence or absence of hydrocarbons in surface waters and sediments pre-event to oil impact from the British Petroleum (BP) MS Canyon 252 (DeepWater Horizon) Oil Spill. The City’s direct contact/coordinator for this Plan is Victoria Vasquez, PhD, Research Coordinator, FDEP, whose office is at RBNEER. The map to the right shows the sampling locations.

Environmentalist Nancy Richie continues to work on plans for the protection of inlets, waterways, environmentally sensitive areas and wildlife with both state, federal, local and volunteer agencies.

Beginning today Marco Island Fire Rescue has begun twice daily beach patrols for the monitoring of potential oil. In a joint effort with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Marco Island Police Department, and Collier County Emergency Management the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary has obtained approval for off shore monitoring and documentation concerning potential oil slicks. The Auxiliary is putting together a mission scope and should provide it to the City by the end of next week.

City departments are doing documentation concerning any actions that they are currently undertaking concerning this oil spill. Actions undertaken by the City at this time are not reimbursable as in a FEMA event but documentation is being done should future reimbursement become available.

City staff members are reminded that public inquires should be forwarded to the appropriate individuals.

  • Nancy Richie – Environmental and wildlife issues as well as coastal and estuary protection.
  • Chief Mike Murphy – Emergency operations upon potential or actual landfall and coordination issues with Collier County Emergency Management.
  • Lisa Douglass – Press, media and hotline issues.


Fitch Rating Recalibration. Fitch Ratings has recalibrated our underlying ratings for our bond issues. This is a nationwide recalibration of municipal ratings. The reasoning behind the change was to use assumptions, methodology and criteria to ensure municipal and private company ratings are handled in a similar manner. In all categories, Marco Island’s ratings for the general government ratings improved by one step (AA to AA+ and AA- to AA) while utility ratings improved by two steps (A- to A+).


CPR/AED Training for School Children. Division Chief Don Jones has spent the last two weeks at the Charter Middle School teaching eight  and seventh grade students CPR/AED and First Aid. All classes have been completed for the year. 64 Eighth graders were certified in First Aid, they received their CPR last year. 52 Seventh graders were certified in CPR / AED, and will receive First Aid training next year. Congradulations and thanks to the Charter Middle School and their students.

Public Works

Gulfport Sewer District Construction.  Construction in the Gulfport Sewer District will begin in late May. The City’s contractor is Mitchell & Stark This flyer will provide important information and answer questions about the construction, in addition provide helpful tips for traveling during the temporary construction interruptions.

Stormwater Outfall Project. The Public Works staff will be replacing a major outfall under the 500 block of North Barfield Drive, near Bimini Avenue. The first segment of the work will begin on Monday, May 24 and continue through Friday, May 28 and work involves installing storm structures in the right of way on both sides of the road. Flagmen will be used for momentary traffic stops.  Most of the work in this segment will stay in the right-of-way with no road closure.

The second segment of the work will start on Tuesday, June 1st and finish on Thursday June 4th.  This work involves the pipe under the road being replaced and the roadway repaired. A road detour will be in place during the entire project. The area will be posted with the detour routes, which are Birwood Terrace, Nassau Road, 6th Avenue. Message boards will be placed in the areas in advance of the work and for the duration of the construction.

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