Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Emergency Pet Care Program Returns



The Marco Island Fire Rescue Department (MIFRD) is once again offering its Emergency Pet Care Program. Join firefighter/ paramedic Heath Nagel and Christopher Bowden at the Mackle Park Canine Cove dog park at 9 AM on January 17th to learn more about pet CPR and other emergency pet care options. There will be presentations, guest speakers, snacks and more!

MIFRD firefighter/paramedic Heath Nagel has always been an avid animal lover. He created the Emergency Pet Care Program because he saw a need. According to Nagel, many people worry about the welfare of their pets in the case of a human-related emergency. They wonder, who will take care of their beloved animal if they’re confined to a hospital bed?

The Emergency Pet Care Program addresses this issue head on. It works via a pet emergency card system, similar to that of the File for Life program for humans. The card, which is filled out by the pet’s owner, has detailed information about the pet, including its veterinarian, a list of medications, and a designated emergency contact. It’s a great way to ensure that your pet is taken care of in the case of an unexpected medical emergency.

Interested in fostering? The program is also in the process of creating a foster care network for islanders, consisting of volunteers who are available to care for displaced pets. Anyone can join! More information will be available during the presentation.

The event will round out with a pet CPR/Heimlich maneuver demonstration. Shogi, a dog CPR mannequin, will once again be making an appearance. Marco Islanders Steve and Carole Roberts donated Shogi to the MIFRD last year.

This highly regarded program is available to Marco Island residents and visitors. This informational event is open to anyone! By participating in the Emergency Pet Care

Program you’re ensuring the best care for your pet in the event of a medical emergency or fire.

The Emergency Pet Care Program takes place

January 17th at 9 AM at the Mackle Park Canine

Cove dog park, 1361

Andalusia Terrace. For more information call


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