Saturday, November 27, 2021

Emerald Beach Bocce Team Takes the Trophy

Photo by Nancy Sheridan | Emerald Beach Bocce Team from left: Jackie Mills James, Nancy Sheridan, Denny Schoviak, Bill Reid, Joe Berry, Dick James, John Spizuoco, Mary Berry, Carol Spizuoco, Roma Brodak, Gary Bourassa, Susan Ertzinger, Dale Ertzinger.


The Emerald Beach Bocce Team emerged victorious over their rival, Sunset House, on Thursday March 18. This is the eighth annual match between the two; Emerald Beach’s trophy win brings each condo to four wins apiece.

The teams were evenly matched, and points did not come easily. Game was first team to win three out of five. Emerald Beach took the tournament in four games by simply outplaying a very good team.

The trophy was passed to Emerald Beach at Mackle Park, where the games took place.
Later that evening the Emerald Beach team, along with friends and neighbors, met poolside to relive the events of the day and enjoy a well-deserved and long-awaited celebration. Last year’s game was delayed because of COVID-19.



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