Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Embrace the student exchange program



Hosting students from various countries contributes to deeper understanding of other cultures. This can lead towards an attitude of tolerance and awareness of the similarities in people from all over the world.  The experience enriches ourselves and  our children.

The Educational Homestay Program is an opportunity this summer for youths from Italy and Spain to become more familiar with the English language and to experience life in America for 3 to 4 weeks.  Marco Island is an ideal locale and community in which to host an exchange student. The host families work together, if need be, in helping and lending a hand to one another.

Linda Colburn, EF (Education First) representative, is looking for host families for students visiting from Spain June 30th to July 26th and students visiting from Italy from July 1 to July 20th. Host families for these students are located from Marco Island to Estero. Marco Island host families share carpooling and cooperate with each other to make this  a good experience for one and for all.

The students will be under EF Program staff from 8 am to 5:30 am Monday thru Friday, attending classes and touring the area. Evenings and weekends are spent with the host family doing whatever the host family usually does. Carpooling and sharing experiences with other exchange students and host families contributes to ease and enjoyment.  Call Linda Colburn at 239-784-2864 or Doug Seekins at 239-963-7320 for information.

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