Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Electrocution/Fire at Marco Hilton

The Marco Island Police Department and Fire Rescue Department responded to an electrocution and common structure fire at the Hilton Marco Island Resort & Spa on Thursday, July 26.

A subcontractor for Hendrick Brothers Construction Company was doing electrical work at the hotel when the incident occurred.

The Hilton has provided the following statement:  A subcontractor on the renovation team at the Hilton Marco Island Resort & Spa was injured by an electrical discharge from a panel on the 8th floor of the hotel.  EMTs responded immediately to our call giving the worker first aid onsite before sending him to a local area hospital for treatment.  No damage was sustained on the 8th floor where work has already resumed.

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One response to “Electrocution/Fire at Marco Hilton”

  1. Mary Edinger says:

    Has the Hilton thought about having a Priest come over and bless the Hilton property?
    In Hawaii, they bless the properties by a Priest before and after the completion of a building, so that it will be prosperous, and hopefully welcoming for all.
    They even do that for the first time arrival of a new airline starting up service and arriving there, in HNL.

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