Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Election on April 22 is Closed Primary Election

The upcoming US Congressional District 19 Special Primary Election is a closed Primary Election. Florida is a “Closed Primary” state and therefore, voters may only vote for their respective party’s candidate during a Primary Election unless all candidates for an office have the same party affiliation and will not face opposition in the General Election.

All eligible voters may always vote in a Primary Election on issues and nonpartisan candidates. However, Republican candidates running for US Congressional District 19 will be the only items to appear on the ballot; therefore, only registered Republicans may participate in the Special Primary Election.

To register in Collier County or to change party affiliation, residents must complete a voter registration application, which are available at Applications must be returned by March 24 in order to participate in the Special Primary Election on April 22. For more information, or to learn about your registration status, please contact our office at  239-252-VOTE


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