Monday, October 18, 2021

Eighth Lifesaving Rescue For Marco Officer

Photo by Steve Stefanides | Marco Island City Council presents a special proclamation to Sergeant Diaz, Chief Al Schettino looks on.

Sergeant Hector Diaz has worn many hats during his 19 years with the Marco Island Police Department. Road officer, marine officer, training officer, motorcycle officer, and life saver.

Submitted Photo | Sergeant Diaz (right) with Hector Diaz, Sr. at the Islamorada Fish House for Easter dinner.

During his 19 years on the job here, plus his seven years with the Jacksonville Port Authority Police Department, Sergeant Diaz has seen his share of challenging situations. In February of 2018 he was once again called upon to put his training and skill set to work when he responded to a call of a man down in the vicinity of the Marco Island Academy on San Marco Road. The gentleman had fallen off his bike onto the pavement.

When Sergeant Diaz arrived, the man was unresponsive and in cardiac arrest. He deployed his AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and began CPR on the man. He was able to revive him through the cardiac compressions and the use of the AED. All of this Diaz did by himself until other officers and fire rescue personnel arrived. This is nothing new to Sergeant Diaz, as he is responsible for eight saves since coming to the island.

On March 19th the Marco Island City Council presented Sergeant Diaz with a special proclamation for his meritorious save, and recognized him for his long service to the Marco Island Community.

Chief Al Schettino took the time to publicly present the smiling sergeant with his eighth Lifesaving Award pin in recognition of his admirable dedication to the saving of lives.

Sergeant Diaz had moved south from Jacksonville to be closer to his father who lives in Cape Coral. He joined the Marco Island Police Department 19 years ago when the agency was first formed.

Diaz enjoys fishing and is an accomplished backwater guide during his days off. He also enjoys spending as much time as he can with his father, who lives only a short drive from Marco Island.

One response to “Eighth Lifesaving Rescue For Marco Officer”

  1. Rick Allen says:

    That doesn’t surprise me one bit of Hector’s dedication to help another person when there in trouble or when there hurt and need medical attention !
    He is a real everyday hero !
    Hector grow up on the mean streets of Jacksonville Florida and is one of my best friends since we grew up as kids in Jacksonville.
    Hector has earned and learned everything on his own merit and hard work.
    If I ever went into battle or needed backup Hector would be one of only a few people in the world I would trust with my life or my families lives !
    So thank you Hector for all the good deeds you do and your service to the Marco Island Police Department
    Keep on doing what you do making the world a better a safer place.
    Your Brother !
    Rick Allen

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