Monday, December 6, 2021




Donna Fiala

The Marco Island Christmas Island Style Parade was just terrific! Almost everyone on the Island was outside in the beautiful weather greeting the parade participants and toasting their neighbors. There were 4 cars in my little section of the parade, and the people with me were flabbergasted at the community spirit displayed! There were lots of tailgating parties between neighbors and friends, and people were dressed for the holidays. It makes me so proud to be your commissioner and your friend because YOU are what community spirit is all about!

Speaking of Christmas, let me tell you a darling story about a friend of mine. She and her husband live on the Island, but were going to Georgia with her son and family to visit her daughter and family and new little 7 month old baby boy. Brian (the grandfather) decided two months ago that he wanted to take a refrigerator box to Georgia for the newest baby for Christmas, so he called all the stores in our area searching for a refrigerator box. No one had one, so he asked to be put on a wait-list in case one came in. Finally, a few days before they were to leave, and calling everyone once again to make sure no one had one, he decided to buy a refrigerator for their rental unit (because sooner or later they would need one anyhow, you know), so now he had the box he was looking for. The next challenge was to get it into their mini-van! But you’re already beginning to realize this man was up to any challenge presented, because he had a little grandson that would love the box. Yes, they had to squish a little, but they got it in there and they packed all of the other gifts inside the box. I don’t know if the little tyke could ever be as excited about getting the box as Brian was to give it, but Brian’s eyes just sparkled with delight (and a little mischief as well) as he prepared to leave. While up there he cut little windows in the sides and a little door that swings open, and showed the little guy how they worked. It was really a joyous story, and a story I wanted to share with you.

Another Christmas story, this time from my past: Years ago I owned a Maternity Store in Central Mall (which was also the location for the first Beall’s in town, and the Kon Tiki Theater, Johnston’s of Florida, etc.) It was a delightful store and just grew and grew to include children’s clothing as well. I worked a full time job, and then worked at the store evenings and weekends. My daughter worked for me and would bring her little baby to work with her, which all expectant Moms wanted to hold and cuddle. One day I was alone in the store and had to make a bunch of bows for a Christmas event the Naples Junior Woman’s Club was sponsoring. I couldn’t make a bow for the life of me, so I called a friend to come over and help. She laughed her head off at the mess I was making with the bows, and vowed never again to put me in charge of bow-making. To this day I buy my bows and tape them to packages, so the gifts under the tree look wonderful.

In the next issue we’ll get down to business. I will write about the Gas to Energy process the county has begun at the landfill, and also about those blue lights at stop lights, among other things. In the meantime, my wish is for you to have a New Year filled with joy and happiness, good health and family love.

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