Monday, November 29, 2021


Donna Fiala

Donna Fiala

Donna Fiala 

Lots of good news for the boaters on Marco Island and all the surrounding areas! The County has just approved $262,000 for the emergency dredging of Collier Bay entrance channel.

Presently, Collier Bay is experiencing hazardous boating conditions with the accretion of approximately 10,000 cubic yards of beach compatible sand in the mouth of its entrance channel. Approximately one third of the Marco Island boating community routinely accesses Collier Bay using this channel.

This project will restore safe navigation by removing the shoal that is creating a hazardous boating condition. Beach compatible sand dredged from this location will be discharged in the near shore tidal zone on the down drift Hideaway Beach beaches.

Tourism Development Council (CDC) funds can be used for the dredging, according to the County Attorney, if a finding is made that it promotes tourism. An Emergency Resolution supporting this dredging was received from the City of Marco Island.

All permits will be jointly issued to both the City of Marco Island and Collier County. In partnership with Collier County, the Hideaway Beach Improvement District, through the City of Marco Island, is funding the engineering and permitting of this project. A 75-day construction period is expected, and will be constructed by a local vendor. The Coastal Advisory Council and TDC both recommended approval.

Breaking News! Beginning November 7th, FP&L will be replacing the overhead power lines with UNDERGROUND LINES along Collier Blvd/951, to try to eliminate situations like the one experienced on Friday, Oct. 28th. The tremendous rain storm damaged FP&L equipment along the line, and due to difficulty in accessing it, it took crews working all night long to restore service.

There are so many unsung heros on Marco Island, but in this column I’d like to mention the team of Lou & Barbara Prigge. They seem to volunteer to help everyone, plus reach out on their own……… like their annual Halloween Party for the Marco Island children as well as any other children who drop by.

Of course their neighbors and Marco Kiwanis Club also dig in to help this marvelous effort to treat the children to a fun night. And at the end of it all…………..they walk away holding hands. After 52 years of marriage they still show their love for each other. I feel humbled to call them “Friends”.

What fun we had at the Marco Island Police Foundation party the other night! The food from Erin’s Isle was just wonderful, but I enjoyed The Rat Race game the best! There were lots of games (Jerry Gibson was one of the game hosts, and added an extra touch of humor as he went.)

This week a ground breaking event was held for the beginning of construction on Davis Blvd & Collier Blvd/951. That whole area is getting a rebuild, so expect to take a little longer when heading for the I-75 interchange. This will be a two-year project, but when it is finished, traffic should flow a lot faster and smoother.

That interchange can get pretty hectic during Season and weather occurrences. The transportation people will be doing both roads simultaneously, so be prepared. How nice it would be if they could keep traffic flowing like they did with the Jolley Bridge, but that doesn’t seem possible with this interchange.

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