Saturday, November 27, 2021


Donna Fiala

Donna Fiala

Donna Fiala 

The redistricting decisions have been made and voted on for Collier County. Marco Island made their voice heard and their wishes were granted. District One (Donna Fiala’s District) remains whole and intact. Actually, I don’t think any commissioner wanted to change that fact because I didn’t even have to fight to get Marco – they knew where Marco Islanders stood and they knew where I stood, and that there would be a fight to keep Marco in District One if they were thinking anything else………..but they weren’t. It seems all the commissioners were pleased with the outcome in each of their districts, so now we can move forward.

Our decision must be sent to the Justice Department for approval before the redistricting is final. We’ll have to wait to see what the Justice Department has to say. I just want to add a personal note to say I am SO happy I represent Marco Island, and feel the Island and the County have worked together on many issues to a positive outcome. I want to keep it that way. I love Marco Islanders! Well, I guess you knew that already.

A project I am just getting involved in is trying to find a way to have an American flag installed on the new Jolley Bridge. I think we’ll be able to talk the State (it’s a State bridge) into installing a flag and flagpole, but the big issue will be the maintenance! Flags are expensive, and with the tremendous wind on top of the bridge as well as the wind generated by passing cars and trucks, it is estimated that the flag will have to be replaced every three to six months. It must also be lighted at night. A flag sounds so patriotic.

Who would ever think that so many hurdles must be overcome to make it happen? So, I will be asking, the FDOT, and the County Manager to meet with me in the next week or so to discuss what we might be able to do to accomplish this noble cause. I know everyone is strapped for cash and employees, but just maybe there is some idea out there that might work anyway. It will be a brainstorming session, so if any of you have any ideas on how to accomplish this wonderful idea initiated by Carole Roberts, please drop me a note at You might just have the idea we are looking for! Speaking of the bridge, isn’t it looking awesome with that gorgeous landscaping? It’s like the cherry topping on a sundae. It makes a statement: You are now entering beautiful Marco Island! I just love it.

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