Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Edge of Your Seat, Down to the Wire Everblades Excitement!


If THAT is the kind of hockey game you want to see, the Florida Everblades did not disappoint when they beat the Stingrays in an unbelievable overtime match on May 7th.  Maybe the historic rivalry between the South Carolina Stingrays and the Florida Everblades makes it so good, or the loss to them just the night before, but they went back and forth on scoring this night.   

You could sense the tension on the ice, you could hear the body slams along the sides, and you had to wonder what those refs were thinking with some of the calls (or, the lack thereof).  When the frustration got to be too much, it finally all came to a head and BAM! gloves were thrown to the ice and two players had it out right then and there as only hockey players do.  Until the refs pulled them apart.  

Although the tension was still palpable the Everblades had given up the lead with seconds to go in the third period.  So many players were in front of the net you couldn’t even see the puck get past the Blades goalie when the Stingrays jumped for joy with a 5-4 lead late in the third period.  



Unfortunately, Everblades fans started to leave (oh, ye of little faith) with one, yes read that again, with ONE second left on the clock, the Everblades SCORED and tied the game 5-5 sending it into overtime!   

Talk about making the most of an opportunity…overtime lasted a full eight seconds when the Everblades took command of the puck and SCORED again!  You can just hear the music and the cheering!  The Everblades won the game 5-6.   

If you haven’t been to a hockey game lately, there are only a few home games left this season.   

May 21st, 22nd, June 2nd and June 4th.  Check out for ticket information or go to   



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