Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Easter Eggs, Batfish, & More

Coastal Comments


Easter is coming, and the county parks are preparing for the children! Most of the parks within the County will be hosting an Easter Egg Hunt. In the East Naples area, the Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Friday, March 26 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the East Naples Community Park on Thomasson Rd. The cost is 10-dollars and will feature an Easter egg hunt, games, crafts, pizza, drinks, and prizes. BUT – you must pre-register your kids to be able to participate. It’s so much fun to watch these sweet little tykes looking for eggs. The wonderment in their eyes and the little screams of delight when they find an egg just fill your heart with happiness even though you are watching other people’s children or grandchildren. Come on down and watch it for yourself. My great-grandchildren live in Golden Gate Estates and go to two separate parks, so I’ll go watch other people’s children and enjoy their parents here in East Naples who seem as delighted as their little ones.

*Recently I stopped at Rookery Bay to make a recording for their upcoming Bash for the Bay, and I saw a HUGE statue of a Batfish created so the kids and families could take a closer look at what a Batfish really looks like. That Batfish even had feet that looked almost like people’s feet! I’d like to see what a live Batfish looks like. Hopefully, I get the chance one of these days! Speaking of Rookery Bay: Coming up is the 2021 Bash for the Bay to raise money for the Rookery Bay Reserve, a non-profit organization that protects and cares for the 10,000 Islands and the waters and mangroves that surround them. And the bidding is open right now! Go to and click on whatever you are interested in bidding. You’ll see all the details. Then the main event Saturday, March 20! Because of COVID, we will be celebrating this annual fundraiser at many small group gatherings around the county. Some of these will be small live groups, some are virtual on Zoom, and some are a mix of the two. During this spectacular evening you will witness a beautiful video of the Rookery Bay estuary. These shorelines encompass 110,000 acres or 40-percent of Collier County’s shoreline! Following the video at 6:00 PM, the program begins at 7:00 PM with silent and live auction bidding and a raffle. Right now, you can now buy a raffle ticket for two cool items: a 2020 Vespa Motor Scooter or a custom painting of your favorite car. I wish I could name each of the auction items available, but I’ll mention a few and leave many exciting items still waiting out there yet to be seen: A two-night stay at an Arsenault Cottage, either the Boat House or the Coral Cottage and dining at Sails Restaurant; a signed book “My Journey as a Painter” by Paul Arsenault; a private Chihuly glass blowing workshop; a stay at Clyde Butcher’s cottage; a python hunt; a shark tagging expedition; a stay in a cottage at the Blue Ridge Mountains, and so many more trips, paintings, and other outstanding adventures! Bash for the Bay is free and open to the public plus there are still Patron Party Host tickets available. For more information call 239-530-5972.

*Here’s a little tip I just learned about getting grease and/or oil stains out of your clothing: just use a tiny bit of Dawn liquid detergent, like the one you use in the kitchen, dribble it on the stain and let it sit for a couple hours. Dawn removes grease in your pots and pans, and now I learn it also removes those same types of stains from shirts and blouses.

*Does anyone watch the County Commission meetings? An issue that was discussed regarding taking a summer relief break from the meetings, which was first established back somewhere in the 1980s or 1990s, seems to come back each year recently. The original reason was because back then during the summer, the commissioners never had a summer break or relief break, and when people were away at their summer homes, many issues that were troublesome or controversial would be discussed and voted on while the residents were gone. Then when the residents got back from summer vacation it was too late to change the vote. So many people complained, very loudly, so the commissioners back in those days decided that all commissioners would take a break in the summer so that controversial issues could not be discussed while everyone was gone. It also gave the county staff a chance to take a family vacation while school was out for the summer. It worked very well ever since, but one commissioner now brings that subject back every year just in case there was a change in heart, which at this time is still not the case. Now you understand that some subjects go a lot deeper than people can see at first glance.



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