Monday, December 6, 2021

East Naples Cat Deaths Caused By Predator Attacks

The recent East Naples cat deaths have been found to be caused by predator attacks. Necropsies were performed on five of the cats by the Austin, Texas-based Veterinary Forensics Consulting. All five cats had evidence of predator attacks as the cause of death, evidenced by bite marks on the cats’ skin, muscle and bone, according to the report.

Pets are prohibited from running at large per the Collier County Animal Control Ordinance. Pets must be on a leash if they are off the owner’s property.

“There are many dangers for animals that are allowed to roam unattended,” said DAS Director Darcy Andrade. “Pet owners are encouraged to keep their pets safe by maintaining supervision and not allowing them to roam free.”

For more information, please call Public Information Specialist Daniel Christenbury at (239) 252-6956 or (239) 252-PETS (7387).

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