Saturday, October 23, 2021

Earth Day Photo Contest Winners!



By Nancy Richie

To celebrate the 43rd Earth Day (April 22, 2013) and the unique and beautiful flora and fauna of our home, the City of Marco Island and Coastal Breeze News held the 6th Annual City of Marco Island Amateur Native Wildlife Photo Contest.

Residents sent their photos in and choosing the winners was no easy task, but the winners have been chosen. Coastal Breeze is proud to announce the winners.

Participants had the choice to enter photos in four categories; color, black and white, enhanced and tree species. The photo subjects were to be of native Southwest Florida species – animal or plant – taken, preferably, in the last year.

This year, the contest began on March 18th and was open for submittals of photos through April 24th. The judges were local residents and business owners: Ewout DeVries, Vicki Kelber, David Graff, Victoria Wright, Frank Steiger and Nancy Richie. All are professional photographers known for their wildlife photography and/or are passion for Southwest Florida’s natural environment.

A total of 27 amateur photographers entered and a total of 84 photos were judged.

Ewout DeVries stated, “I was blown away by the photos submitted. It became almost impossible to make decisions. Quite a lot this material could also do very well in a show for professional photographers. I have had the pleasure to judge photo work from professionals and amateurs before. Not only were the winners, but every amateur participant in this City of Marco Island contest delivered top quality.”

The photos will be displayed in the City of Marco Island City Hall Building Services lobby next week. The public is welcome to come and see the photos. The City thanks all participants, the judges and Coastal Breeze for making this Earth Day celebration contest a success. Congratulations to all the winners!

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