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Earth Day Environmental writing contest



Dozens and dozens of entries were submitted in an Environmental Writing Contest in honor of Earth Day. The annual contest is recognized by the City of Marco Island and organized by Environmental Specialist, Nancy Richie. Local students in the sixth, seventh and eighth grade from Marco Island Charter Middle School and Manatee Middle School were eligible to participate by writing their choice of an essay, poem, haiku, tanka, prose, free verse, sonnet, or lyric about preserving and protecting the environment. A different prompt was assigned to each grade level. Sixth graders were instructed to write about change as it relates to promoting, protecting and preserving. Seventh grade students were asked to address choices we each make in protecting and preserving environment. Eighth graders were instructed to concentrate on the challenges they, and the communities in which they live, face in trying to protect and preserve the environment.

Winning entries were chosen by Coastal Breeze News staff. There were so many excellent entries, it was a very tough call and a couple of Honorable Mentions were added to the list of winners. The City of Marco Island will honor these students at an upcoming City Council meeting. Coastal Breeze News would like to congratulate each and every student who entered for a job well done!

Manatee Middle School Winners

6th Grade-Marissa Diaz

Protecting the Environment

Over the last few years, our world has been changing. People need to prevent this from getting worse, or at least try to get a solution. The next generation should be able to enjoy this world as much as we do, the animals should be able to keep their habitats, and we should also protect the forest!

To begin with, we should think about the next generation in the world! They should be able to explore the wonders of this world as much as we do now! What I also think is that the next generation should be able to do the same things we do, protect the environment too. That is why they made Earth Day (the day where we have time to honor the world and treat it good)! If we don’t pay attention to this world then we will all just be people who don’t care about anything or anyone but themselves!

Also, the animals should be able to keep their habitats too, just as we get to keep our houses! The animals need their habitats just like we need ours. What else will they have without their little habitats? Nothing, because without their habitats they will have no place to sleep, eat, live family and etc. So let’s NOT destroy their habitats! How would you feel if your house got destroyed? If only you could feel their pain! For example, the Mountain Gorilla in Central Africa, the crown butterfly fish, Orangutans from Indonesia, Madagascar, etc.!

Last but not least, we should protect the forests too! The forest is a part of our environment! We should be the one who has the responsibility because we live on the forests….we live on them because the trees give us oxygen! Also the animals deserve to live too! So don’t just think about yourself!

In conclusion, please just hear me out, please….We all need to protect our environment! We need to let the next generation be able to enjoy this world as much as we do, the animals should be ab le to keep their habitats, and we should also protect the forest!

7th Grade-Evelyn Rodriguez

Is it my choice?

Is it my choice,
to see animals dead in the ocean
because, the people thought it would be
fun to use these animals for their own
personal gain?
Is it my choice,
to see people die,
because, a reactor exploded, when they never expected it?
Is it my choice,
to see trash littering the beach,
and, not going to pick it up?
Is it my choice,
to recycle and keep our earth clean?
Is it my choice,
to see disasters,
and never help?

8th Grade-Kevin Padro

Clean Up Time

There are many things that we can do to help the environment, we can help by having projects. One way is by that we can set up a day in which we go around the school to pick up the garbage. Or we can do a project that helps us to clean up the dirty canals. Lastly we could also in our community, do tournament and we would raise money so that we can clean up the environment.

To begin with we could set up a day in which we clean up our surrounding at school. We could divide the grade levels so that they could clean a different part at school. That way we could clean up more at the same time. We could also create two piles, one pile for recycling and the other for garbage. If we do that then that would make it so that we don’t add more garbage to the garbage dump and instead we put to recycle so we can use it again. To pull it together we could set up a day in school where we can clean up all the garbage around the school.

Another thing we can do is set up a project where we can go clean the canals. That’s what I did in 5th grade with my class. We created a simple machine in which we could attach a hook to something that’s inside the water and pull it out. We took out many things such as, a Kmart cart, a bike, and garbage bags. The color of the water was so dark but it was good thing that the things were sticking out of the water. To sum it up you could create a machine so that you can pull out things that don’t belong in the environment and that are hard to reach.

Finally, in our community we can set up a day where people could come and pay 5 dollars so that they could be in a tournament. The tournament can be about anything basketball, soccer, or baseball. That way more people can come because not everyone likes the same sport. We could set it up to be 5 dollars for each person on a team, then all the money we collect could be used to help or clean the environment. We could add trees to the forest where people cut them down or where a wild fire has happened.

To sum it up there are many to help our environment. If you really think about it everyone has at least one thing they can do to help it. For example we could have a cleanup day at school, create a machine to pick up things that we reach, or set up a day where we have a tournament to raise money. If you do any of these things I bet it would help your environment a lot and it will thank you for it.

Marco Island Charter Middle School Winners

(no 7th grade entries)

6th Grade- Ailyn Arizmendi

Clean by helping by doing the small things that really count,
Here are many living things that are beautiful that are dying because of our actions by cutting down trees, pollution, not recycling,
Anything is possible if you believe in saving “Polar Bears” from being gone forever so that people in the future will know them,
Never think that nothing is possible,
Gather friends and family to recycle because endangered animals can become extinct,
Earth is our home we should help because if don’t by the time we do it will be late.

8th Grade- Crystal Gonzales

Trees Sway in the wind
Can we preserve this?
Will we preserve this?
Birds soar freely
Waters still blue
Air still breathable
Can we preserve this?
Will we preserve this?
Everyone fights for a reason
What’s ours?
Stand up to the pollution
Dangerous gases cloud our vision
Like a fog
Leaving us to fight dazed.
Don’t fall through the cracks
Don’t be dazed or swayed
By oil spills or oversized gas prices…
Everyone fights for a reason
What’s ours?
Don’t allow anymore beautiful creations go to waste
Band together
Stand together
Can we preserve all of this?
Will we preserve all of this?

8th Grade- Gage Wheeler

A blazing sun, lighting our path day in and day out, that tickles our anxious skin. Snow white clouds meander above us roaming the pleasant place where elegant creatures travel an ocean so massive to the human eye, that is ancient, used, and cherished. Tropical forests, where some of the most unique plants and animals reside, these beautiful, natural wonders are all part of what make our Earth special. Do you want to see pollution rip down the amazing features our Earth has to offer and ruin the lives of our children’s children by giving them an immense conundrum, that by their time it will be too late to fix? I don’t think so! Creatively, we must find a way to sue a renewable resource, like water, to power cars rather than the malicious gas that emits fumes, scabbing up our ozone. Cautiously, we must recycle, go green, and keep our hands clean of temptation to throw that soda can out the window of our car or that plastic bag in the ocean. By solving the big stuff and not slacking on the little things, this world can be replenished and reformed back to what it is meant to be. Do it for the innocent children of the future so that they can make a choice for their own future, rather than having such a big problem left for them.

Honorable Mentions will be printed in the April 22nd edition of Coastal Breeze News.


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