Saturday, October 16, 2021

Earth Day, Conservation and Wildlife with TBE Kindergarten Class

The kindergarten classes at Tommie Barfield Elementary School (TBE) celebrated Earth Day early learning about conservation and wildlife.

What is Earth Day? Mrs. Linda Turner of the Marco Island Nature Preserve (MINP), shared with the students that Earth Day is a special day set aside every year on April 22 as a reminder of how important our Earth is and the need to take care and protect it.

What is Conservation? Conservation is a practice of taking care of our planet. Mrs. Turner shared with the students how they can save energy. They can save energy by turning off the lights when they leave a room; turning off the TV and computers when not in use; and not letting the water run when they brush their teeth.

Also, they should make sure to throw paper products and plastic into the tall green container with the orange lid. And remember not to bring plastic straws to the beach as they are unsafe for wildlife and they might end up in the water. She told them it is important to put out fresh water for the birds to drink; or plant a small tree, flowers and vegetables.

The students contributed to the conversation. One student raised his hand and added that plants are important and that we need fresh fruits and vegetables and that plants give you oxygen. Oxygen is important as we cannot survive without it. Another student added that water is very also important – without it we cannot survive.

What is Wildlife? Mrs. Turner advised the young students that wildlife can be found at the Marco Island Nature Preserve, such as butterflies, burrowing owls, gopher tortoises, bobcats and bees.

The most popular wildlife at the Preserve are the pair of mature bald eagles, Herb and Calusa with their two young eaglets. Mrs. Turner brought a large stuffed bald eagle toy showing its white head, yellow beak and yellow talons. Herb and Calusa at the Preserve are busy teaching the eaglets how to eat fish.

Mrs. Rogers, from the MINP read a book about bald eagles and each student took home a small stuffed bald eagle toy to remind them of Earth Day and of the bald eagles at the Marco Island Nature Preserve and Bird Sanctuary.


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