Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Each Other

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I may be speaking for myself and not the subject of each other here. There might be something I desire, like maybe another implement for my tractor, or add a new power tool to my workshop, none of which are exactly an exciting subject to bring up to my significant other, namely my wife Andrea who is perfectly happy with any accessory that involves her love of tennis, such as rackets, balls, tennis shoes or the latest in court attire.  

Tractor implements and tennis necessities, not exactly the things we tend to mutually agree on in our lives, yet bring joy to us in a separate fashion. 

So, what exactly does bringing joy to each other at the same time involve? I don’t know… A recent gift we purchased for each other was a new mattress, that mutual joy ended soon when we both realized in time it was the most uncomfortable thing we ever slept on. 

It dawned on me a gift that makes each other happy at the same time was a rare thing. A boat, a classic car, or a vacation home may do the trick, only these things are costly and can certainly do the trick! And do you know what else does? The joy of giving a gift of fine jewelry! 

You had to figure I’d be bringing up that subject sooner or later! It’s one thing in life that brings joy to both the giver and the receiver simultaneously!  

It’s a fact, I see it on a daily basis. A couple may walk in only browsing around, and she or he notices something in the window or showcase and the unexplainable happens… some may call it simple retail, I see it as something else. He will either buy it for her then and there, or make a mental note of the piece, and come back and purchase it later without her being aware, then later surprise the daylights out of her.  

There is also a common scenario, where he ignores all her signals and she comes back and purchases it on her own… Not exactly an “each other” moment, although there is some measure of joy because “someone ends up happy with the piece of jewelry they desired. 

Recently, the grandmother of two lovely young ladies ages 10 and 12 respectively came in seeking gold earrings for the two, who had just recently had their ears pierced. I have always advocated that it’s very important to use quality real gold earrings in new piercings to ensure fast healing and prevent infection that cheap gold or silverplated earrings can cause. The girls picked out one pair of simple yellow gold ball earrings and a pair of small cultured pearl studs, the beginnings of a fine jewelry collection. That was a definite “each other” moment of happiness, that included the love of a grandmother and her two granddaughters, three very nice people. 

OkayFour if you want to include me! 

I can vouch from my recent experience in the purchase of an each other “gift,” it involved replacing a faulty refrigerator, it just does not have the same effect those earrings had on those young ladies and their grandmother. 

I have hundreds, maybe thousands of similar experiences but only recently has the word each other resonated so deeply in my mind, there is joy in giving jewelry or other material things, but even more mutual joy when we help those who are truly in need of life’s basic things… Food and shelter. In these current times, the need is very real. The holiday season will be here before we know it, local charities and food banks could really use our help. I’ll do my part to help “each other, by replacing your watch battery in exchange for a couple cans of food and donate a percentage of the profits from my Marco Angel pendants now until the New Year and beyond with your continued patronage.  

Thank you in advance for your future support and please be safe out there! 

Richard Alan is a designer/goldsmith and owner of The Harbor Goldsmith Marco’s Island jeweler since 1994. He welcomes your questions and comments about all that glitters at www.harborgoldsmith.com. 


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