Friday, December 3, 2021

DUI Arrest for Visiting Officer


A possible tragedy may have been prevented when Marco Island Police Officers stopped a vehicle on North Barfield Drive in the vicinity of Martinique Court early on Thursday morning last week. The vehicle in question was driving erratically according to officers and straying into oncoming traffic lanes when the officers stopped the vehicle.

Upon approaching the vehicle, officers stated in their reports they smelled alcohol coming from inside the vehicle driven by Marcus Reardon, 57, of Brockton, MA. Officers also detected “slurring of speech” by Reardon.

When the officers requested Reardon exit the vehicle and undergo what is known as a “field sobriety test,” he showed them a police agency ID from Brockton, MA, in addition to a concealed carry permit prior to exiting the vehicle. 

During a period of time wherein tactical discussions were held between officers regarding how to deal with the unknowns concerning the situation, the officers, under command of their supervisor and according to department protocols, chose to pause recording tactical discussions as to how to proceed. The incident was resolved without further escalation or injuries to any parties.

Reardon subsequently failed the test and was placed under arrest. The subject then became verbally abusive with the officers, blaming them for his erratic driving. After being placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence, Reardon continued his outbursts and was transported to the Collier County Detention Center where he would be processed. 

There were 746 vehicular fatalities attributed to impaired driving in Florida in 2020 from alcohol, drugs or a combination of both. Although fatalities have decreased over the last decade due to increased enforcement and education efforts, the numbers still are staggering in deaths, serious injuries and property losses.

There is a Mark Reardon shown to have been promoted to Sergeant in December of 2018 within the Massachusetts agency according to local news articles in Brockton.

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