Sunday, December 5, 2021

Double the Fun!



By Coastal Breeze News Staff

Double the service, double the fun! Not your typical United States Postal Service motto, but that is the idea behind an additional postal counter now installed at the Keep in Touch contract postal unit. “We were approved for the addition and handled the necessary remodeling just in time for the holiday shipping season,” said manager Mike Held. “This means postal customers can get to the counter in half the time! More time for shopping and spreading holiday cheer!”

Co-owners Mike and Jiri (as seen in the photo) will still man the postal counter, while store employee Karin Hatcher will continue to handle card and gift shop customers. Of course, Betty Kimble will be personalizing her own line of unique greeting cards. What about Lucy? “Well, her role in the store is to keep the customers happy and she does a fine job at that,” said Mike.

Holiday Domestic Shipping Schedule:

First class Mail: December 20th

Priority Mail: December 21st

Priority Mail Express: December 23rd

Standard Post: December 14th

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