Friday, December 3, 2021

Donna Fiala is back!



Donna Fiala

Well here we are after a long, very hot rainy summer, and ready for the breezes that come with October, which is only a couple weeks away. It seems a lot more of our residents stayed in town longer this year and are coming back earlier as well. I can’t blame them. Even in summer it is beautiful here!

  • The Culver’s on the East Trail is open now! Hooray! It was so much fun having lunch with Dave & Doris Thompson and Sandy Santos! What a great trio they are! I’d never heard of a pot roast sandwich, but um, yum…it was ever so good! The restaurant was a delightful experience with friendly employees and comfortable surroundings. A couple days ago I had a chocolate covered strawberry frozen yogurt custard desert that’s to die for! I started with that first, and then ordered one of their butter-burgers, expecting it would be all buttery and greasy – but they’re not at all! They are just great. Of course, all I ever hear about is their cheese curds, and now I know why! And they had great french fries also! It’s fun to try new restaurants. It was a busy little place. Yesterday as I went by I noticed the drive thru line was wrapped around the front of the building. Guess everyone is discovering this really nice restaurant from Wisconsin.
  • Have you ever heard of a Sears Outlet? One is getting ready to open in the Rattlesnake Hammock Shopping Center where Ace Hardware used to be located. Their signs say “Now Hiring,” and there is a flurry of activity inside the store.
  • The new RaceTrac Gas Station at the corner of Barefoot Williams Road in front of the Hitching Post Shopping Center and community is getting ready for a grand opening shortly. That location will really be busy with the park across the street, Lely Resort next to the park, and Hitching Post, Tall Pines, and Artesia Community (what a lovely community that is! – and it’s hidden away from all the traffic and hustle/bustle) behind it. By the time you read this, it will probably have flung their doors open.
  • If any of you have had concerns about the trash receptacles at South Beach and the scavengers they draw, you can stop worrying. The trash receptacles now have new lids that will help keep pesky varmints away. If you haven’t had any concerns, then you can just tuck this away in the unwanted information bin.
  • I’m looking forward to having lunch at Kretch’s on Marco and dinner at Pelican Bend in Isles of Capri. Both places have great food, but you have to get there before high season or wait until after season finishes. Both have such great food and wonderful, friendly service. We are so lucky in this area to have such marvelous restaurants. I shouldn’t just mention these two because Marco Island, Isles of Capri, and Goodland have a plethora of delightful places to eat and enjoy the atmosphere. Maybe I’ll critique a few of them in this coming year…maybe even a few off-island.
  • If I had a wish, it would be that the Post Office Postmaster would actually answer a phone. In fact, if they would even have an answering machine it would be great – well it would be great if a person would return the call, but for now – no matter what your problem, you call and the phone rings and rings until it turns into a busy signal. How frustrating! No matter whether you are trying to correct a problem, ask a question, or report an incident, there is no one to speak to. No way to communicate with them. Hmmmmmm, maybe I should write them a letter! I wonder if it is that way in other cities and counties? Oh, by the way, this happened during off-season…it wasn’t even that busy, yet no one ever answered a phone. Yes, I will call the Consumer’s Hot Line for the Post Office, but how nice it would be to just get service rather than report bad service.


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