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Does Jewelry Have Sex Appeal?

All That Glitters


Simple diamond stud earrings or a glistening gold bracelet and anklet on a sun- tanned body, what about a toe ring in the sand? And then there are the nose, eyebrow, or belly button rings? There are also many other extremes, like tongue piercings or other unmentionable private body areas. You now see, depending on your personality or moral upbringing, that you will find the previously mentioned jewelry either very attractive or a bit repulsive.

Many years ago, when my youngest daughter worked part-time in the shop, both she and her friends wore belly button rings or multiple ear piercings, and she insisted I carried or made solid gold ones. I created and sold quite a few of them. Oddly enough, my daughter later had a weird reaction with her navel ring – it was giving her headaches. Once removed, the headaches disappeared, the reason and cause were later explained to me by a Chinese acupuncturist having to do with a certain nerve she had there.

Only a couple of months ago, a young lady inquired if I sold belly button rings. I said no longer do, my main clientele are baby boomers, you know the over fifty crowd, not much of a demand from them nowadays. Heck, I can’t remember the last time I even looked at my navel?

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What is sexy jewelry today? The glitter of gold or silver always catches the eye, and how much is too much? Some guys and women tend to overdo it a bit. Although that’s good for me sales wise, I personally don’t find gaudy or excessive jewelry all that sexy – I doubt if the ladies would find a beer bellied out-of-shape sixty-some old beach bum dripping in multi gold chains and medallions a sex symbol (excluding maybe a “Gold Digger”?)

When gold bikini waist chains were the rage, they were very sexy, and I got to custom fit quite a few of my own creations. I still sell a toe ring here and there, fitting them can be a bit gnarly on occasion. Which reminds me of a time an elderly female customer came in to pick up an ankle bracelet I had repaired for her and she suddenly plunked her leg on top of my showcase and asked if I would put it on for her! That was one nimble grandma; I was in my early fifties then and I could not get my leg up that high!

Bracelets, especially diamond bracelets, are very popular and the ultimate in sparkle. I’m not sure a wristwatch can be sexy; the original black faced Movado museum watch created around 1955 may be the exception.

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, always a day of romance and only recently has jewelry become hand and hand on this lover’s holiday. It used to be cards, flowers, and a box of fancy chocolates. It evolved only recently into a major jewelry giving event. Wait a moment, didn’t we just have a major holiday gift giving?

Don’t blame me, I never got that excited years back about Valentine’s Day, it was usually a pretty slow day, the florist next door was crazy busy, but not me! Lately, Cupid has thankfully changed all that. And those of you gentlemen who ignored February 14, you probably endured the whirlwind later, as in the silent treatment and frozen fish sticks for a week… yum!

Even after the faux pas you committed, there is a way to offer a belated peace offering and you don’t have to go overboard; just a simple pair of hoop earrings or a sea life pendant will do the trick if you simply “forgot”. I’m no romantic Casanova either – I constantly forget both my anniversary dates. Yeah, I said both, long story… apparently in The Sunshine State you can marry a person as many times as you like, as long as it is the same one.

Diamond studs are an over-the-top addition – present them over an after-the-fact candlelight dinner and there will not be time for dessert if you get my meaning.

Long chains are popular for some reason, with or without something hanging from them. I guess what makes jewelry sexy belongs to the eye of the beholder. Speaking from experience, it always changes and evolves year to year, decade to decade… remember the “Mood Rings”?

Just a heads up; with the advent of mask wearing, a rash of diamond stud earrings have been getting dislodged and the backs get pulled off unknowingly. Many ladies wind up missing one or even both when removing their mask, so be aware and make sure your earring backs are strong and safe to avoid the pain and expense of replacing one or even the pair. Screw back posts or the new Guardian push and lock security backs are the way to go!

Richard Alan is a designer /goldsmith and the owner of The Harbor Goldsmith, Marco’s go-to island jeweler since 1994. He welcomes your questions and comments about all that glitters.



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