Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Did You Ever Wonder?

Most of us don’t contemplate our deaths and what happens the moment we ascend (or descend). There are so many beliefs in regards to the afterlife; however most of us would love to believe that our eternity will be in a place of happiness with the people we love. In “Jersey Fried Tomatoes,” all this and more is answered!

Meet Angie Spano, an Italian girl from Newark New Jersey, Filomena “Willie” Johnston also from Newark, New Jersey and Katherine “Kit Kat” Whitmore, a WASP from Short Hills, New Jersey. These three women have ascended to Heaven’s waiting room together where they meet JJ “The Processor,” who will deliver their eternal sentence and Peter “The Mediator,” who has them evaluate their lives on Earth and what lessons they have learned. These ladies will travel back and forth in time to take a look back on their choices in their early lives that reflected their later years as wives and mothers. All three women were teenage products of the 1950s, born in the year 1937. There were social issues brewing that we just didn’t recognize, wish to deal with or even talk about. Did these three women carry out the normal path that was expected of them at that time or did they choose a path that was years ahead of their time? Is this what they expected out of life or did other factors take them through dramatic twist and turns they couldn’t have predicted?

Gina Sisbarro, author and director of “Jersey Fried Tomatoes,” drew off her own Italian roots having been born in Newark, New Jersey. The stories are all fictional; however not far from the truth of how “things were” within her own family heritage. The story is also a tribute to several of her actors who will be leaving to pursue their own careers in life. As Gina says, “Don’t let the location of the play (Marco Island Charter Middle School) and the age of the actors mislead you. It is a mature play for mature audiences. The play deals with premarital sex and pregnancy, homosexuality, mixed race relationships, marital affairs and civil rights. Three different backgrounds, three different women who learned that they aren’t so different after all.”

Women of all ages, as well as men will enjoy this play. It is a dark comedy. Bring your tissues to wipe your tears of laughter and your tears of endearment!

Tickets are on sale now through the website at www.sisbarroactingstudio.com, Eventbrite, or at Marco Office Supplies on Bald Eagle Drive. Tickets are $15 per person. The show opens the last week-end in March on the 29th and 30th at 7 PM and on the 31st at 3 PM.

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