Sunday, December 5, 2021

Diamonds are Still a Girl’s Best Friend



Richard Alan

B17-CBN-3-21-14-15A remarkable comeback is underway, and that is a renewed desire for nice diamond jewelry. I’m not talking about the blasé quality stuff (a nice way to say it) offered to the public for the past six years or so, but a true emergence of quality and fineness.

I admit I’m guilty. For reasons of survival, I was forced to carry jewelry that customers, in fact, really did not demand but could only afford, such as alternative metals that were in fact not precious and not the highest quality.

I kind of felt I was letting my clientele down by offering such things, but I’m the owner of a jewelry store during a decade in which not only the price of gold went through the roof but silver also followed suit. The result eliminated 98 percent of my customers, who before the upward spike, bought nice quality gold jewelry —thus forcing me to lower my core values — and I reluctantly started carrying what was affordable jewelry.

That was then, and although gold is still not exactly a bargain, there is a renewed demand. Just like we griped about paying more than $2.50 at the gas pumps, now we pay $3.00. We pay more, and gripe less. I think folks realized that nothing feels like real gold.

It’s the same for diamonds. The bigger, the better: stud earrings and placing a single gemstone in the hottest style in a long time “the halo.” Put any size diamond in a halo ring or pendant, and the result is dramatic. I can’t keep them in stock.

It feels good to



sell quality again. I am slowly phasing out my alternative metal jewelry, and going back with what worked in the not so distant past — real diamonds, precious gemstones, real nice quality gold and sterling silver jewelry.

I was reminded about a simple lesson I learned as a young goldsmith: stick with nothing but quality. Change a fair price, and you will never go wrong.

Although the term “roll with the punches” comes to mind after surviving a brutal economic downturn, things now are looking better, and my jewelry-made-to-order-business has more than doubled over last season.

The $10,000 diamond ring quest is now gaining momentum, and as of this issue, the odds of any seekers winning the ring are very good (1 in 150). This low number of participants in the search surprises me because I’m sure if I had a promotion for free watch batteries for a day the line of people would span across the Jolley Bridge! Go figure?

Speaking of figuring…Just figure out the correct coordinate numbers and submit your completed chart with your name and phone number to my shop — The Harbor Goldsmith — by 5:30 PM on April 10, and you could be wearing the $10,000, 1.43-carat Marco Green Diamond Ring.


The first four clues are published in this issue, and I am about to reveal the fifth and final clue:


• A famous watering hole is a hustle and bustle all afternoon and night.

• One can eat and drink while sea-going vessels pass and dolphins play with the utmost delight.

• Upon a sign in its lot, the fifth number is posted for the advised safe-moving speed.

• And that number for speed land roving vehicles seeking parking must heed.



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