Saturday, November 27, 2021

Dedicating Herself to The Cause

Photos by Steve Stefanides

Everyone that lives within Collier County understands the impact that the Republican Party has within the county and the strength of that Republican Brand. In fact, out of all the Florida Counties, Collier ranked #1 in turnout during the 2016 Presidential Election, helping to make candidate Trump into President Trump during that election. Since 1992, the winner of Florida has gone on to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

An important segment of the 13.5 million eligible voters within Florida lies in the growing Hispanic population. Of those, 3.1million Latinos are eligible to vote here in Florida. They are concentrated in Miami-Dade, Orange and Broward Counties according to some of the latest data. 

The percentage breakdown of female versus male voters follow a similar trend as the national average. Those numbers show females slightly leading their male counterparts by a 54 to 51 percent average. 

If politicos were to clone activists in Florida, they would want to look to Gladyvette Benarroch. She is the perfect example of a dedicated and energized believer within the Republican Party. Benarroch can be seen everywhere here in Collier County and across the state as she supports her candidates and the causes she believes in on behalf of Republicans and Latino voters in the state. 

In her spare time when not assisting her husband in running their local business, raising their two sons and involvement in local charitiesshe is involved in Republican politics here in Collier County and across Florida. 

Some of the organizations she belongs to in that regard include the following. 

  • Member of Latinos for Trump 
  • Collier County Representative for Latinos for Trump for Southwest Florida. 
  • Chairwoman Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Collier and Lee Counties. 
  • Member of the Executive Board for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida. 
  • Member of the Republican Woman of SW Florida Federated. 
  • Member of the Women’s Republican Club of Naples Federated. 
  • Member of the South Collier Republican Club. (formerly the Caxambas Republican Club) 

When asked what she hoped to accomplish over these next three months, Benarroch is not short of words. “Latinos can make the difference in helping to decide this important election, that’s why I have become so involved these last 2 years. We grew up thinking the Democrats were the party for Latinos, they are not. They have kept us poor to keep us beholding to them. This President have helped to lift so many Latinos and others out of poverty, created jobs and opportunities for those that wish to take advantage of the potential that is out there,” said Benarroch 

“People may not like the President’s personality, but they can’t argue about the prosperity he has brought to the nation. He is not a politician, but we don’t need that, we need results, not more empty promises given to us by those that have been in charge,” said Benarroch as she loaded her car and headed to the next event.


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