Saturday, December 4, 2021

Deck the walls with bounds of Hawley

‘’Cacoon,’’ by Bonny Hawley, 20’’x7’

‘’Cacoon,’’ by Bonny Hawley, 20’’x7’

Tara O’Neill 

Ethereal images pulsate from the work of Naples-based (but internationally collected) artist Bonny Hawley. The word is: entrancing. You look and look and, inescapably, must look some more. The more you look, the more you see. The more you see, the more you feel.

The art is warm-toned acrylic mixed media collages: mono-printing, stenciling, gold and silver-leaf, metallic paints, digital imagery, hand-made and hand-painted papers; all deftly layered on flowing silk and richly textured Belgian linen. Sizes range from one square foot to ten square yards…so far. The technique is strictly Hawley, and so is the imagery.

“I weave from fabrics of ancient worlds and threads of my imaginations… and strive to uplift the viewers’ spirit.”

Originally from Dodge City, Kansas, Hawley has been a professional artist for over 35 years and a Naples resident for 20. She is represented by fine art galleries across the country, but maintains a professional studio-gallery on Linwood Avenue in Naples that is open by appointment.

“Living by the water inspires me and heals me, the changing tides and supreme power that controls it all.” And her work conveys all of that.

Now is the time to experience

‘’Tides of Change’’ by Bonny Hawley, 2 panels totalling 4’x8’. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

‘’Tides of Change’’ by Bonny Hawley, 2 panels totalling 4’x8’. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

Hawley’s unique art form, She’s currently exhibiting at Sweet Art Gallery in Naples; a reception featuring Hawley’s work is Friday, December 16, 6-9PM.

Hawley is also part of the exhibit, Miniature yet Monumental, at Guess-Fisher Gallery, on display through the end of December. This exhibit proves that great things can come in small packages. Also, check in with Dennison-Moran Gallery for more of Hawley’s smaller works.

You can enjoy your own private exhibition by visiting her web-site, which I highly recommend, but I promise, said visit will compel you to see the real thing. So go out there and treat yourself to a Hawley-day. (Apologies to the artist, I just couldn’t resist!)

Bonny Hawley, 2371 Linwood Ave, Ste 108, Telephone: 239.649.1389

Sweet Art Gallery, 2054 Trade Center Way, Telephone: 239.597.2110.

Guess Fisher Gallery, 810 12 Ave. S., Naples, Telephone: 239. 239.2787.

Dennison-Moran Gallery, 360 12 Ave. S., Naples. Telephone: 239.263.0590.

Tara O’Neill, a lifelong artist, has been an area resident since 1967. She holds Bachelors Degrees in Fine Arts and English from the University of South Florida, and currently has a studio-gallery at the Artist Colony at the Esplanade on Marco Island. Contact her through www.tarao

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