Friday, October 22, 2021

LTE: Deal With Your Own Community

I am tired of reading letters and commentaries from Mr. Marv Easton, self proclaimed expert for our quest to obtain a COPCN. All of a sudden he cares about Marco Island? He is Dr. Tober’s friend and neighbor and lives in a high end district in Naples. Where was he the last 15 years while we struggled?

This is not just about a second ambulance. It is about control and when Collier County hands off and consolidates the EMS with the Fire/Rescue our current .60 mil will go to whatever they feel like. Well over 1.5 mils will be easy. The small amount we will pay on the front end will not only be absorbed by the county but increase. Ask Ochopee or Fiddlers how they like it?

Let our people decide without your bias and Mr. Easton.

When I call 911, I want someone local who knows me coming and dealing with my issues. We have more aging people on Marco and more high-rises than anywhere else in Collier.

Please people think this through. We need our own ambulance service without interference!

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