Sunday, October 24, 2021

DAS Receives a $5,000 Donation to Fund “The Families for Felines Project”

Collier County Domestic Animal Services volunteer Bob MacKenzie simply loves shelter cats. Bob spends his time at the shelter taking pictures of homeless cats to promote their adoptions. Bob’s devotion to the cats served as a catalyst for a large donation with the purpose of placing homeless cats with loving families.

The generous donor, Lesley Brown Robert, donated $5,000 to underwrite adoptions for adult cats that have been available for some time, but not yet adopted. “Cats generally have a more difficult time getting adopted than dogs,” DAS Director Amanda Townsend says. “We hope a little financial break will help change that.”

The program, which has been dubbed “The Families for Felines Project,” seeks to place 100 cats in loving homes in ten weeks. It’s a lofty goal, considering the fact that the shelter was only able to adopt 384 cats to new families in FY 2011. “We want to double our normal placement rate,” Townsend said.

“The Families for Felines Project” will pay for the cost of the adoption. The adopter will only need to pay for the $10 county license. Each adoption includes the spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip and a bag of food to get the adopter started. “We are truly grateful for donors like Mrs. Robert,” Townsend says, “without them, programs like this would not be possible.”

For more information about “The Families for Felines Project,” call Daniel Christenbury, Public Information Specialist at 252-6957.

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