Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Creating Your Oasis

Oasis Lawn & Pool Maintenance LLC

Mark and Marilyn Layton, owners of Oasis Lawn & Pool Maintenance LLC | Submitted

When it comes to obtaining a reliable lawn care service with a timely response, Oasis Lawn & Pool Maintenance LLC yields green results.

Mark and Marilyn Layton are the proud owners and husband and wife duo that migrated south to establish their company’s “Oasis.” Both originally from the suburban town of Oakville, Ontario in Canada, the Laytons have always had a knack for maintaining a pristine property.

“It goes back to when I was about five years old going to my grandmother’s house and running around the yard with a wheelbarrow,” Mark Layton recalls. “The next year, that was my Christmas gift, my own wheelbarrow. Ever since then I was always out in the yard helping my Dad maintain his property.”

That passion followed him through college, where he studied to become a landscape horticulturist. Mark Layton began work at a top nursery and then over to a Jack Nicklaus (Glen Abbey) golf course in Canada as part of the greens staff, doing landscape jobs on the side. Having worked in this industry as both a hobby and a second job since the 1970s, it has been a total of 40 years on and off.

“I ended up at Ford Motor Company for almost 31 years, but was always doing landscaping on the side,” Mark Layton commented. “When I retired from Ford I thought, there has to be a way to put my actual passion to work.”

Oasis Lawn & Pool Maintenance LLC came about before the purchase of the lawn and pool maintenance business. With curb appeal in mind when filing the initial corporate documents, the Laytons needed to register a business beforehand to solidify the company. Since homeowners always need lawn work, and a high percentage also own a pool, Oasis Lawn & Pool Maintenance LLC eliminates the need for hiring separate services for its customers.

“Our goal is to provide top quality yard maintenance.” Marilyn Layton stated. “We would like to expand our business into Naples from Golden Gate Parkway and Route 41 down to Marco Island, where we currently operate.” The company strives to reach the local area from Marco Island through Naples up to the Coastland Center Mall area.

The lawn service has been active since the beginning, with pool services becoming available sometime this year. The current services offered are monthly lawn and yard maintenance, which includes pruning bushes and hedges, trimming, blowing, edging the driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and spot spray weed control on driveways and walkways, including sea walls. If there is a pest problem or irrigation issue that cannot be resolved, they have reliable pest control and irrigation companies available for hire.

Oasis Lawn & Pool Maintenance LLC uses all up-to-date equipment and keeps vehicle, trailer and all equipment clean and in tip-top condition.

What sets Oasis Lawn & Pool Maintenance LLC apart from its competition is the direct connection between its owners and their customers. When you call or email the company, you will speak directly with either one of the owners or receive a callback within a few hours, even on the weekends. Customers can schedule a visit quicker than the traditional two-to-four-week response some services provide. The company prides itself on being hands on, punctual, reliable, and always delivering quality.

“We’re a hands-on company and are available 24/7” Mark Layton commented. “Don’t hesitate to call if you have an issue because I want to know about it today.”

If you have not yielded the same results with your current company or are not sure where to start when it comes to your lawn, all it takes is a phone call. The Laytons stand behind their work and have your vision in mind with every lawn care decision. Whether a customer chooses to start small or purchase large garden materials, Oasis Lawn & Pool Maintenance LLC works with any budget. Customers watch their garden flourish within a couple of months to a year and have been amazed at the improvement, using a before and after comparison. Depending on the project, all it takes is a little time.

Currently in its fourth month as a member of the East Naples Merchants Association, Oasis Lawn & Pool Maintenance LLC continues to expand into the Naples market.

For a well-manicured lawn and landscapes with colorful hues, call Oasis Lawn & Pool Maintenance LLC for all your lawn care needs at 239-404-1572 or 239-404-2130.

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