Saturday, January 29, 2022

Create your own weather

Inez Bracy

Inez Bracy

About a month or so ago the tree in my backyard started to bud. The weather was warm for a few days so I guess it thought spring had arrived. Alas, the cold weather returned and the tree lost its buds and became naked again. This lasted until this week when it turned warm again. I think, perhaps, maybe, hopefully this time really signifies spring has sprung.

The tree is in full bud now, with bright green leaves blowing in the gentle and not so gentle breeze. Looking at the tree caused me to think about life. Did you ever experience being in a “down” mood and then suddenly someone said or did something and you were uplifted, bright and cheery? Then in a short while something or someone comes along and you’re “down” again leaving you feeling naked.

In this instance life is an interesting paradox. When outside circumstances determine your joy and happiness you can be left with sadness and confusion. Much like the tree depending on others to supply the temperature for you to bud, then when you’re disappointed by their actions, you become frozen again. Wouldn’t it be nice to realize that it’s up to you to create your own weather and environment?

Deciding to create your own weather is the first step to achieving the art of living in the moment, the art of being unaffected by outside circumstances. This is an art that allows you to bud, bloom and flower when and wherever you desire. This art allows you to minimize and eliminate disappointments because you’re living in the moment providing your own substance. Disappointment only happens when you’re looking forward to, expecting or living in future thought.

Living in future thought is like the weather. Your expectation of having, being, doing in the future is fraught with unexpected changes. For instance, just like the tree expecting it is spring and bursting forth in all its spring glory only to be disappointed when the winter reclaims its rightful place.

Similarly, when you have expectations and make elaborate plans based on something or someone fulfilling your need and it doesn’t happen, you’re disappointed. You can allow this disappointment to ruin your present moments or instantly decide to make your own weather and live joyously. You don’t have to allow anyone to be your winter, spring, summer or fall.

Inez Bracy is a Lifestyle coach and author, is a radio talk show host and appears on Fox 4’s Morning Blend show. She can be reached at

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