Wednesday, January 26, 2022

CRA’s and an opportunity to serve



By now, if you’re not aware of what a ‘CRA’ is you may be spending too much time at the beach! The City Council agenda for April 5th included a second reading of a proposal to establish a ‘CRA’ in the vicinity of Town Center. It’s obvious from public comment heard at the meeting most people feel strongly about the subject one way or the other. Business owners, residents, the Chamber of Commerce and Lee Spector, with direct CRA experience, were represented. In the end, Council had more questions than answers. A motion was made, and passed, to form a committee to review the potential CRA, report their findings and make recommendations to Council. As with other Advisory Committee’s, each councilor will appoint someone to the board.

If you would like to know more about what a ‘CRA’ is, check out our online coverage at There you will find a Question and Answer article regarding CRA’s, along with comments from the City Manager Steve Thompson and County Commissioner Donna Fiala. You’ll find complete coverage of a meeting between the City of Marco Island and County Commissioners in late March.

So, read up on the subject. The City of Marco Island is looking for residents interested in serving on an advisory committee. Whether it be the Beautification, Code Enforcement, Beach Advisory, Planning Board, CRA, no matter what your interest, there’s an opportunity to serve. Do your part to be a good citizen. Volunteer!

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