Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Cows on Marco’s Beach?

Charlie Green, a family member of Green Meadows Dairy Farm of Elsie, Michigan, returns to Marco Island each year for what he calls his “beach therapy.” He’d bring his daughter Sadie and his wife Sue to help him create sand sculptures of the bovine kind as a gift to beachgoers of Marco Island.

For the last several years, Charlie has created a collection of cow sculptures for everyone’s enjoyment. In addition to skill and patience, at least 150 gallons of water is needed to create one sand cow sculpture. Charlie said that sometimes he’ll start visualizing his creations during the winter months and can’t wait to return to Marco to get started.

Head out to the Gulf side of South Seas Tower #3 and enjoy Charlie’s udderly fantastic dairy cows.

Photos by Maria Lamb

Alexis Lamb and Sue Keller

The Moo-na Lisa

One response to “Cows on Marco’s Beach?”

  1. phyllis says:

    A friend recently moved to Marco island and she sent me a picture of the “cow with joy.”. What a lovely gift to the community, and the rest of us.

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