Monday, October 25, 2021


The Board of County Commissioners (BCC), at its meeting on June 12, 2012, approved the realignment plan introduced by County Manager Leo Ochs, which is designed to balance divisions, combine expertise, realign strategic goals, and optimize the resources of certain functions of County Government – while holding the line on the budget.

A major functional change will be establishing the Department of Natural Resources in the Growth Management Division by combining the Coastal Zone Management Department and portions of the Pollution Control and Prevention Department.  The Department of Natural Resources will oversee all aspects of environmental protection including flood control, watershed planning, stormwater, water quality monitoring, preservation of habitat and protected species, and water resource and coastal zone management.

The Bureau of Emergency Services, which includes Emergency Medical Services, was reassigned to the Administrative Services Division; however, Bureau employees will continue to be housed at the Emergency Services Center. The reassignment will provide additional management support and oversight, and improved access to support resources.

Conservation Collier, presently in the Administrative Services Division where it has been acquiring parcels of property with high natural resource value, was reassigned to the Parks and Recreation Department in the Public Services Division, where the focus will turn to conservation and passive recreation. Collier Area Transit is also being transferred to the Public Services Division where the emphasis is on community focused departments, such as Parks, Museums, and Libraries. The Parks Capital Projects program will consolidate into the Facilities Management Capital Projects program in the Administrative Services Division, to share resources and achieve consistency in the delivery of finished projects.

Impact Fee Management was consolidated under the Office of Management and Budget to achieve standardized program administration within one department.  This realignment will improve planning efforts and strengthen internal controls.

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