Thursday, December 9, 2021

Councilor Quandaries

Letter to the Editor

Councilor Roman has chosen not to seek reelection but will remain on the SFWMD. 

It would be beneath her to cite the betrayal of her colleagues who vindictively blocked her appointment as Chair for her vote of no confidence in Vice-Chair Grifoni, so I will. It would be beneath her to raise competency and ethical issues that make it impossible for her to continue to be associated with our dysfunctional Council, so I will. Chair Brechnitz is defending a First Amendment violation lawsuit. Vice-Chair Grifoni had a Florida Bar Complaint dismissed noting a court of competent jurisdiction would have to determine if laws were violated regarding his handling of the Niblock travesty. Councilor Honig had a Florida Elections Commission Complaint dismissed as it was deemed legally insufficient regarding his marcopolitics website. Councilor Rios has a complaint of ballot fraud still being reviewed by the FDLE. I’ve taken part in most of these actions to demand accountability professionally not hurt personally. Public servants are role models. Why would an individual like COL Roman want to be connected with such wrongdoing when her entire life has been based on duty and honorSurely Councilor Roman is not a perfect person, but neither is she so tainted. 

Please consider if current candidates are ego-driven and running to be something or like Councilor Roman who ran to contribute something. Sincerely when votes are counted to indicate who won we must remind ourselves of who we lost. 

The Book of Job contemplates why the good are afflicted while the wicked prosper but admonishes us to always trust God. The following quote, Job 22:28, is my thank you to Councilor Roman: 

“You will succeed in whatever you choose to do, and light will shine on the road ahead of you.” 


Regina L. Dayton 

Marco Island 

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