Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Councilor Kudos:



A recent Letter to the Editor from City Councilor Amadeo Petricca offered the reader a clear-eyed example of the disparities that exist in Marco Island’s utility rate structure. Petricca’s letter was simple and straightforward, so much so that even an eighth grader could understand and grasp the inequality that exists in our water and waste rates, something that highly paid professional “consultants” seemingly try to avoid. Every once in a while, a city councilor merits kudos instead of criticism. For his honest and direct assessment, totally devoid of the usual Marco political nonsense, Councilor Petricca earned my appreciation and applause…and, I believe, certainly deserves yours. Kudos, sir!

Russ Colombo, 755 Plantation Ct.

Marco Island, Fl 642-6845

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