Friday, January 28, 2022

Councilman Kiester Holds on by Slim Margin

Chuck Kiester

Chuck Kiester

Just before 11 a.m. today, it was announced officially after a manual recount at the office of the Supervisor of elections, that incumbent Ted Forcht did not gain sufficient votes to maintain a seat on the Marco Island City Council. The recount was called because of the narrow margin of winning votes received by the other incumbent, Chuck Kiester. Since the difference between them was less than .25%, this review was mandatory under Florida law.

As a result of the recount, Chuck Kiester received two more votes to keep his lead, while Ted Forcht gained only three – not enough to win.

Chuck Kiester will join the newly-elected Joe Batte and Larry Magel, to form the seven-man council along with Jerry Gibson, Frank Recker, Bill Trotter, and Wayne Waldack.

The new City Council members will be sworn in and meet for the first time March 15.

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