Saturday, November 27, 2021

Council Votes on Advisory Board Terms

Photos by Steve Stefanides
| Flood Plain Manager Kelli DeFedericis receives the Proclamation declaring March 8th Flood Awareness Week. She will be at the Farmers Market on March 10th to answer questions.

After numerous attempts to change the existing city ordinance regarding terms of service on volunteer advisory boards, Councilor Becky Irwin finally managed to find an acceptable middle ground. That compromise allowed her fellow councilors to join with her, even though some didn’t understand the actual need.

That compromise allowed a person to stay on for a maximum of eight years on any one committee, should a councilor be re-elected and choose to reappoint the same individual for a second term. The change also would allow that same volunteer to be appointed immediately to another advisory committee after serving for eight years on the first.

Several councilors were concerned regarding someone staying continuously on one committee and dominating those deliberations. The compromise, which allowed the person to stay on a non-related advisory board, seemed to placate the desire of councilors, and it finally passed unanimously.

Flood Awareness Week

Although not always on the minds of residents of the island, through the coordinated efforts of staff, dedication to educating residents and businesses, and upgrading of the building codes and ordinances, the city itself is constantly working to minimize loss of life and property. Through its efforts, the city’s ratings have remained stable, which is a big plus to residents.

By Proclamation, the City on Monday evening declared the week of March 8 as Flood Awareness Week. As such, Flood Plain Coordinator Kelli DeFedericis will be providing valuable information to the public from a booth in the Farmers Market at Veterans Community Park on both March 3 and March 10. Residents are encouraged to see her there to learn the answers to many of their questions on both of those days, or to call her at City Hall at 239-389-3926.

Ad Hoc Business Development Committee Suggested

Councilor Blonna proposing new Advisory Committee

Councilor Blonna provided a white paper concerning the appointment of a special Ad Hoc Business Development Committee. Blonna has been doing outreach to a number of organizations and businesses who have experience in this area.

He sees them as a valuable asset as the city revisits its Land Development Code and Comprehensive Plan. He feels they can bring real time experience in the understanding of how best to navigate what he feels can be a tricky process at times.

Dan High, General Manager of the Rose Marco River Marina, spoke in favor of Blonna’s concept with regard to taking a look at what works and what doesn’t under the present system.

Erik Condee, Vice President of Condee Cooling and Electric, also spoke in favor of the creation of a similar group. “Some things in our codes definitely need a review,” said Condee.

Both Councilors Folley and Babrowski spoke to the need to have a defined set of goals and objectives for any such group.

Councilor Brechnitz questioned whether this should be something that the local Chamber of Commerce should be involved in. Councilor Blonna believed the Chamber was not prepared to take on this expanded role due to staffing and time. Council agreed to continue discussions on the matter.


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