Sunday, October 17, 2021

Council reviews manager’s performance

By Coastal Breeze News Staff

City Manager Jim Riviere received high marks from the city council on a performance review by six council members on May 7th. Council member Batte was absent for a compassionate purpose.

Chairman Larry Magel said that he rated Mr. Riviere primarily on his financial performance and that “the performance has been excellent. The city ran a significant surplus last year, and city departments bettered their budgets for the past 18 months. The city manager has concentrated on personnel levels and staffing is well under control.” Chairman Magel did ask Mr. Riviere to devote more attention to keeping the public informed about city actions, programs and performance.

Some council members joined in asking Manager Riviere to devote more time and attention to public communication and to act more promptly on some matters. Member Wayne Waldack did not add to written comments he had submitted, and former chairman Jerry Gibson kept his review short, but he praised Mr. Riviere’s performance. Another former chairman, Frank Recker, stated that he gave the City Manager an “A” since he gives “A+ only to God.” Other members also commended Mr. Riviere for performing well on financial matters in particular. There were no dissenters to the view that the city manager has generally done an outstanding job during his tenure.

With the city making excellent use of volunteers on a variety of committees, including the planning board, code enforcement board, parks and recreation, beautification and several others, the need for additional professional staff has been diminished.

The budget process is getting underway and the city council and staff will be disseminating information about the financial outlook, including planned revenues and expenses, and future city projects.

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