Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Council Leadership Changes



Leadership of Marco Island’s city council changed. Council members elected Jerry Gibson to be Chairman and Larry Magel as Vice Chairman. The new officers have a parallel view of what lies ahead for the council.

Chairman Gibson said: “There is no doubt that the water and sewer rates will be the major issue. I’m looking forward to receiving the consultants’ reports and ironing out any questions. Ultimately the decision will be the responsibility of the city council, and we shall have a hard evidentiary base upon which we will base our decision. As usual with contentious issues, the chances are that not everyone will be completely satisfied with the result, but we are charged with seeing to it that fairness prevails on the basis of substantial evidence.”

Vice Chairman Magel also addressed the major issue: “We have the mission of resolving the water and sewer rate issue with due regard for the interest of all Marco Islanders. Resolution, as equitably as possible, will serve to remove the contention that always consumes a matter of this importance. I’m confident that the city council upon hearing all the facts will adopt a rate structure that accurately reflects the cost of providing water and sewer service to all residents of Marco Island.”


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