Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Cool Temps and Cool Art Too!

Noreen Segers, left, discusses a piece with artist Judie McCliggott. | Photos by Don Manley

Unseasonable cool weather did little to tamp down enthusiasm at the Goodland Civic Association’s Tenth Annual Holiday Bazaar.

The weekend-long event, held recently at Goodland’s MarGood Harbor Park, featured fine art, hand crafts, food, a holiday bake sale, a fifty-fifty raffle and live music.

On that Sunday, temperatures were relatively chilly, dipping into the sixties. But the weather posed no problem for vendors like herself or attendees, according to Goodland resident and artist Tara O’Neill.

“Yesterday was lovely,” she said. “It was nonstop. I think a lot of people come on Saturday because they expect Sunday to be so crowded to get into the village. Even today it’s been steady and people are buying and I think all our vendors have done well and I’m happy for them and for me.”

As an example, O’Neill cited the number of empty shelves at the booth across from hers, occupied by the Mango Cottage Art Studio.

“It’s fun and money, two of my favorite things,” she joked.

This was the first time participating in the event for Goodland-based Mango Cottage Art Studio, which is operated by Judie McCliggott and her husband, Dan Dupuis. The couple moved to the village less than one year ago.

“I think it’s great fun,” McCliggott said about the bazaar. “The people here are wonderful. The people coming through are from so many different places in the United States and the world. So you get to just meet all these people and enjoy.”

Tara O’Neill’s oil on three canvases, “I’ve Got You.”

Peter and Susan Osborne were among those who were undeterred by the cooler than normal weather on that Sunday. The Goodland residents attend the bazaar every year.

“It’s just a unique selection of vendors and art and with the whole community, the music; it’s a lot of fun,” said Peter Osborne. “You can buy stuff for Christmas for people and for each other.”

Susan Osborne pointed to the village’s well known mellow vibe as another reason to attend.

“Goodland is such an interesting community,” she said. “It’s just always fun to come to Goodland. You just never know what you’re going to see.”

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